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«Фонд взаимопомощи»

By helping others,
we help ourselves

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The charitable organization “Mutual Help Foundation” is engaged in collecting and distributing funds for children in need of medical or social support. Everyone who wishes to do so can give a donation and help children with money via our website – it will take you only a few mouse clicks to transfer funds for charitable purposes through a special form.

How our charitable foundation works

Right now, hundreds of children in our country are in sore need of urgent medical treatment and rehabilitation procedures. But parents, who endlessly love their kids and would do anything for them, just feel desperate and helpless when seeing the exuberantly high sums of money required for surgeries, drug therapy, and medical rehabilitation. However, organizing help for such children is as much as possible, and each of us can participate. You don’t have to be a millionaire and donate huge sums to do this. Dozens and hundreds of small good deeds create a real opportunity for someone to recover from a serious illness or significantly improve the quality of life.

The collection of money for charity is carried out by “Mutual Help Foundation” on absolutely transparent and simple terms. Everyone who intends to make a charitable donation can send it to the provided address or directly transfer money to our Foundation, so that our managers can transfer the money to children who especially need urgent help. You can see the list of all children who need money for rehabilitation or surgery in the appropriate section of our website. In the “Reports” section, we keep a strict record of all the funds we have received, and on the “Whom we helped” page, we publish visual results of the activity of our Foundation.

You can take a step towards saving a child’s life right now – it will take only a couple of minutes and a few mouse clicks. You can send money directly from your bank card or through the Yandex.Money system. Funds are immediately deposited to the account that you have chosen and are distributed strictly for the intended purpose.

About Mutual Help Foundation

The fund was established to provide social protection and support to Russian citizens who need urgent help. We provide targeted aid to families facing difficult life circumstances and unable to independently find the required money for surgery, medication, or rehabilitation of patients with intractable maladies.

Children with severe genetic diseases, cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, progressive systemic diseases, and visceral injuries are in desperate need of help right now. Without proper, immediate treatment, such children have little chance for leading a normal life, going to school, and enjoying a happy childhood – all those things easily available to their healthy peers. Still, there is always an opportunity to improve the situation, or, at least, give parents and their kids hope of changes for the better. The happiness of even one individual family is precious, and we simultaneously help dozens of such families.

The long-term objectives of our Foundation are to promote the development of charity culture in society and uniting emphatic people who believe in goodness and hope for the better. We are sure that hope should reign in every family that got into trouble.

We strongly believe that charity will become the norm in our society in the nearest future. Everyone can feasibly participate in saving the lives of those who do not have enough opportunities to fight the trouble by their own efforts.

We are transforming the world of adults to make the world of children better and happier. Long-term support programs for people in need developed with the active participation of “Mutual Help Foundation” are aimed at improving and remarkably changing the quality of life of children and their parents.

You can contact us by e-mail or phone at +7 921 233-50-35. Our managers will provide you with every detail concerning the principles of the Foundation’s work, explain how to get a report on donations, and answer all questions regarding the activities of our organization.

Accession number: 351 401 0269

PSRN: 1193525030643

Can be found on the website of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation

Foundation documents

Foundation reports

You can find it on the website of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation

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